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15 May, 2020

NSK Trading First Website Launch

We have announced our first appearance in Saudi Arabia by publishing our first e-commerce website to sell Delta Q product.

Summer Training

We started summer training in : IT , Graphic design , Customer service , Photography , Digital marketing .

23 June, 2020
30 June, 2020

Participant In International Coffee And Chocolate Exhibition.

Delta Q Friends

Chance to win a proportion of every sale when using the code.

08 July, 2020
11 July, 2020

Collaborate with Bunyan Charity

The initiative aims to preserve the environment.

NSK Trading new website

We’ve developed our website. We hope you get your satisfaction.

9 October,
31 October,

Agreements with Neighborhoods League Of Football

Delta Q held agreements with Neighborhoods League Of Football to motivate players.


Delta Q is the official sponsor of the cultural evenings for the art exhibition hosted in the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce

15 November ,
15 December ,

Saudi Art Association

We are happy in delta Q to sponsor Saudi Art Association’s events

GSFT Ramadan Event

We are happy in delta Q to participate in and to sponsor the Saudi Art Association (JSFT) Ramadan event. For three nights Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

23 April, 2021