Delta Q Friends

Delta Q Friends
  • October 13, 2020

Is an initiative that targets all the society’s segments especially the youth in all Saudi Arabia’s cities and regions. It contributes to rising their income and working to develop their marketing skills by providing them with a code to share with their friends, this code can be promoted by those friends through using it in their purchases from the website. Any user of the code will get a gift which consist of a box of chocolate and a free coffee capsule rapped and delivered for free.

Subsequently, a Delta Q friend will get 5% from the purchases bill. And when the code users reach 20, the Delta Q friend will get 7,5% from the purchases bill. In case they reach 30 users, the Delta Q friend will get a coffee machine and a variety coffee capsules.

 Priority is for Delta Q friends to participate in the workshops, initiatives, and training programs that NSKTrading & Delta Q presents.

We are proud to have 50 Delta Q friend from more than 15 city around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Be a Delta Q friend, take a part in rising your income and improve your marketing skills.

To register contact is via WhatsApp nu.: 0535003506

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